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Danesholme Junior Academy

Our Mission

Danesholme Junior Academy is committed to provide a positive, supportive but challenging learning environment for children and staff where:

  1. Social, personal and academic skills are developed
  2. Self-esteem and self-reliance are nurtured
  3. Standards of excellence for life and for work are promoted in all areas

To nurture these principles we try to encompass the following aims:

  1. The Academy and learning should be enjoyable, productive and an integral part of every child’s life where a child can develop empathy with his/her surroundings.
  2. The Academy should create a caring and happy environment so that all children experience success and achievement.
  3. The Academy should recognise each member as an individual with particular needs and develop a background where each member can join with ideas and share experiences and impressions with others.
  4. The Academy should offer a well balanced and broad based curriculum that will ensure that all targets set by the National Curriculum are available to all children and should include academic, cultural, social, spiritual and physical development and growth and prepare them for the experiences, opportunities and responsibilities of secondary education and adult life.