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Danesholme Junior Academy

Maths Lessons

Our maths lessons will be slightly different every day, depending on the focus of the learning and sometimes concepts will be taught outside, as part of an 'active maths' session.

However, most maths lessons follow a similar structure.

Every day there is a short mental maths starter. 

This is used:

  • to address concepts that have been identified through assessment as needing further teaching
  • to revisit and build on skills and understanding.

These activities cover a wide range of mathematical skills and knowledge, with an emphasis of building on rapid recall of known facts.  We know that regularly revisiting mathematical concepts (spaced retrieval) strengthens children's understanding.  

Problem solving is present in all maths lessons.  Problem solving requires pupils to examine the question to find the key ideas, choose an appropriate strategy, do the calculation, find the answer and then re-check. Through the use of the White Rose resources, problem solving is represented in many different ways including: 

  • missing number problems 

  • identifying patterns 

  • how many ways? 

  • written explanations 

  • true or false?

By using a range of problem-solving questions types, the pupils experience questions being presented in a variety of representations, which allows them to practice applying their problem solving skills and knowledge to different situations within maths lessons.