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Danesholme Junior Academy

Advisory Council

Each Academy within the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust has its own Academy Advisory Council (AAC) that works closely with the Principal.

The Academy Advisory Council is a small group and has staff, parent and community representation. It is not, however, the same as a traditional governing body as it has no legal responsibilities. These responsibilities are held by the GDFT Trust Board.

The joint Danesolme Infant and Danesholme Junior Academy Advisory Council will be expected to meet at least termly and AAC members will be encouraged to play an active part in the day to day life of the Academy.  

Academy Advisory Councils


The membership of the Councils shall be managed by the Academy Principal, who shall also be responsible for recruiting and appointing members. Membership must include:

  • The Academy Principal
  • Between two and four members of the community or key representatives of local businesses
  • Between two and four parents (who at the time of appointment have a child at a GAT Academy)
  • Up to two members of staff from the Academy
  • A Central Team Senior Education Advisor, who shall attend at least once a year but more frequently if required
  • A minimum of six members and a maximum of ten, constituted from the above

The standard term of office shall be three (3) years, and members shall be eligible to put themselves forward for reappointment so long as they continue to meet the above criteria.


To support the Principal in the appropriate day to day procedures of the Academy (through feedback and advice) and to identify opportunities to further improve the life experiences and career possibilities of pupils within the academy.

To provide a forum for consultation with community and parental representatives and a mechanism to ensure the efficient and effective flow of such information through to the Trust Board.


The responsibilities of the Academy Advisory Councils shall be:

  • To provide feedback to the Principal on the appropriate day to day procedures of the Academy, from a parental and community viewpoint. For example this may include the practicalities of the school day, for instance; start and end times, pupil transport considerations, uniform, provision of lunch and other food/drink at the Academy, etc.
  • To consider and provide comments and advice to the Principal on items for consultation that may be brought to the meeting from time to time.
  • To consider and explore the extra-curricular activities and opportunities that may be of benefit to pupils at the Academy and facilitate their delivery.
  • To consider and explore the possibilities for work experience, work placements and other similar opportunities that would benefit pupils at the Academy. Create appropriate links with external local organisations to facilitate the delivery of such opportunities.
  • To consider and debate items that the Trust Board members or Education Directors may request to be on the agenda from time to time.
  • Receive and consider updates from the Academy Principal on other initiatives at the Academy which engage the pupils and community, for example Student Voice.
  • To request that any areas of concern about the Academy are raised and documented in the minutes so that they can be brought to the attention of the Education Director.
  • To provide representation on the pupil exclusion panels and regarding other staff policies as appropriate (eg disciplinaries), as required from time to time.

The members of the joint Advisory Council are:

Community Members - two vacancies
Parent Members - David Partidge, Hazel Walkden, one vacancy
Staff Members - Anita Intwala and Charlie Bell
Principal - Karen Rolf
Trust Senior Education Advisers - Andrew Clarke (DJA) and Charlotte Krzanicki (DIA)
Clerk - Lisa Sable

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