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Danesholme Junior Academy


Admissions to Danesholme Junior Academy.

Danesholme Junior Academy provides education for children within the 7 -11 age range in the Corby area. The Linked School is Danesholme Infant Academy.

For Year 3, in the year preceding admission, parents should apply using the North Northamptonshire Local Authority process

All applications to Year 3 starting September must be completed and submitted to the Local Authority by 5pm on 15 January. Any applications for Year 3 made after this date will be deemed as late and will go into the next run of allocations.

Parents will receive their offer of a school place on 19 April.

Please read our full admission policies below in regard to information on the linked area before submitting your application.

For all other in-year admissions, parents must apply for a place through the Local Authority.

Please read our full Admissions policies below.


There will be a right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel for unsuccessful applicants relating to admissions at age 5 (statutory school age) or above.  Appeals should be made within twenty (20) school days of the date of refusal.

Please be aware that the regulations under Section I of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 limit the size of an infant class (a class in which the majority of children will reach the age of 5, 6 or 7 during the school year) to 30 pupils per class teacher. Admissions over this limit are only permitted in very limited circumstances.

If refused admission, you should contact North Northamptonshire County Council to lodge an appeal.

Appeal a school place | North Northamptonshire Council (

If you wish to appeal a school place, please be aware that until the appeal is successful, and you have an alternative school placement, your child will remain on roll with us and be subject to attendance guidelines.

In Year Admissions

Applications for entry outside of usual reception admissions need to be made to the Local Authority. The Local Authority holds our waiting list.