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Danesholme Junior Academy

2023/2024 Extra-curricular opportunities.

After School Clubs 2023-2024

We are pleased to be able to offer after school clubs this academic year. 

After school club information can be found here:


Mad2Perform - Dance Club (Wednesday)

LM Academy - Football (Monday) Gymnastics (Tuesday)


Competitions and Events

All competition and event pictures can be found on the school DOJO site.


Selection policy

At Danesholme Academies we recognise the importance of encouraging all pupils to enjoy participating in physical activity in order to bring many physical, mental and social benefits throughout their lives.  Consequently, all pupils experience competitive and non-competitive sports internally at school through PE lessons, house tournaments, sports day and enrichment sessions.  As a school we also enter matches, festivals and tournaments (both competitive and non-competitive) and selection for these events is a balance between being competitive, being inclusive and giving a wide range of children the opportunity to try different sports and represent the school.  Often the number of places on sporting events is very limited.  

Some of the factors that we consider when selecting pupils to participate in a sporting event are:  

  • Level of skill demonstrated  

  • Level of fitness  

  • Sportsmanship  

  • Being a team player  

  • Access to sporting opportunities outside of school.  

We keep records of participation at all events and monitor pupil involvement.